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Elliott Wave Forecast Services



Elliott Wave Forecast Service

Elliott Wave Service

Our Elliott Wave Forecast Service includes commentary that is at least updated twice daily with intraday chart updates. We utilize our Fibonacci pivot dates and proprietory cycle analysis to forecast reversal dates. The service covers the NASDAQ, DOW, S&P500, SPX, Bitcoin, SOX, Nikkei, DOW Transports, TSX, BSE, SSEC, AORD, HSI, DAX and FTSE. Commodity charts include Copper, XOI, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, GLD ETF, Silver, SLV ETF and the HUI. The Elliott Wave Service also covers the US Dollar (USD), EURO FXE ETF, Canadian Dollar (CAD) FXC ETF, 10 Year Treasury Note Yield (TNX) and the Bank Index (BKX)

We have provided Elliott Wave Analysis on the Web for over 21 years calling all of the tops and bottoms since the 2000 top.

The site was created in order to provide forecasts for investors during the greed phase of the market, but not to become part of this phase with our subscription price.

The subscription price still remains the same, at $19.99 / month.

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