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We are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. Please read the following statement to understand how your personal information will be treated as you make full use of the e-wavecharts.com Web Site.

Gathering of Information

We only use your personal information to help us service your account, to improve our services to you, to provide you with services you have requested, and to inform you about additional services that may be of interest to you.

Use of Information

We do not give, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party, including email addresses.

Voluntary Submission

We do not collect personally identifying information about any individual user except when knowingly provided by such individual. For example, we may ask you for information when you register to receive a newsletter or register for the Elliott Wave Market Forecasts. You always have the option not to provide the information we request.


EwaveCharts.com does not currently use cookies. A cookie is a data file that certain Web sites write to your computer's hard drive when you visit such sites. A cookie file can contain information, such as a user identification code, that the site uses to track the pages you have visited.

Browser Level Information

EwaveCharts.com Web servers automatically collect information about a site user's IP address, browser type and referrer by reading this information from the user's browser (information provided by every user's browser). This information is collected in a database and used in an in our internal analysis of traffic patterns within our Web site. This information is automatically logged by most Web sites.

This statement may change from time to time, so please check back periodically.


IP address: Every computer connected to the Internet has a numeric address called an ďIP address." This may or may not correspond uniquely to a particular computer. In some cases, IP addresses can be resolved to domain names, which may indicate a site visitor's Internet service provider, employer, university, etc.

Browser type: A userís browser is a software program running on a computer that allows users to access documents on the World Wide Web. Browsers can be either text or graphic. They read HTML coded pages that reside on a server and interpret the coding into what the user sees as Web pages. Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are examples of Web browsers. Browser type typically discloses hardware platform, operating system, and browser software and version.

Referrer: The referrer is the URI of the Internet resource or page that causes a browser to request a page or image from e-wavecharts.com servers.


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