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Elliott Wave Forecast Testimonials

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Elliott Wave Testimonials


Below are actual Elliott Wave Forecast Testimonials from subscribers.

"I just wanted to let you know, after four years of trying to find a useful Elliot-based advisory service for the key US indices on the Internet, I believe your service is the answer. It provides exactly what I need - detailed graphic and verbal confirmation and reinforcement of what I personally figure out each day for the Dow and the NASDAQ (or clarification when I can't figure it out). Well done! " Pat K. Australia

"Congratulations to your brilliant analysis on your website. There are billions of web sites. Your website for me is simply THE BEST. I don't know why but your forecasts are precise, in a way that I think you are looking into a glass or what else I don't know. It's a miracle for me. Go on with this excellent work !!!" Manfred K. Germany

"I must say you've won a solid supporter in me!!!!!!!!!! I am very impressed with your market accuracy. I have been following your calls since I discovered your web site back in Feb this year.....incredible!!
I have always been very sceptible of EW because it is very open to individual interpretation. You seem to be right on the count." Allan Q. USA

"I visit your site daily, and always been intrigued with Elliott Wave. Previously I subscribed to another service, but was not happy with the accuracy. I am on the sidelines for now. Thank you, and continued success.. " S.C. UK.

"I'm very impressed with your work." Harrie B. Germany

"Thanks for your many insights, the mkt is a tough cookie to trade these days, but well worth the time and effort!" Karl H. Germany

"Enjoy your web site. Consider me a future subscriber at $20/month. Although it is worth more, most people subscribe to a number of services, so $20 is probably good thinking. Keep up the excellent work I really appreciate your efforts." William C. USA

"I have been viewing your site for some time now and would like to compliment you on an excellent website and excellence in your market analysis particularly the shorter term, days to weeks since that is my preferred trading window. Thanks. " Larry R. USA

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your expertise. Thank you!" Dwight K. USA

"I have subscribed to many sites and you have the most accurate site on the net. Keep up the great work" Mike H. UK

Just to say I have been meaning to send you an e-mail just to say a big thanks for taking the time to analysis - especially the Dow - on a more than twice a day basis. I am impressed with your tenacity and knowledge to produce a "way" forward in the Elliott waves in these complex and demanding last few weeks.
Well done and beautifully prepared!" Roman O UK.

"You are the best chart service I have seen in 20 years". D.K USA.

"Congratulations on a great call, Dan. Here comes the rally in the USD, and the sell-off in equities and commodities." Eric N. USA.

"I appreciate your website. You do a great job in keeping subscribers informed during the day, which is an excellent benefit. Your service does a great job, and I plan to renew." M.G. Geramny.

"Great site, I have been a subsciber for over 3 months now, and has benefited me immensly!" Rod G USA

"Thank you for your constant updates; they really have helped my trading, especially in the precious metals." Alan W. USA.

"Congratulations on making these incredibly great calls: the S&P500 surging to possibly new highs on the long-term charts made months ago, the surge in gold and silver etc." David L Australia

"Great calls on nailing the top and bottom in the USD and gold respectively." Mike D. USA

"Just wanted you to know that you helped me make $6,000 recently trading silver options, by using your daily commentary and the silver short-term chart." John K. USA

"I have been a subscriber for a short period of time, and so far must say I quite like your site and your analysis. I have been a stock broker for about 35 years, and a believer in the usefulness of Elliott Wave analysis for the majority of that time." John S. Canada

"Just wanted to say your work is excellent." Thanks Abe L. USA

"Your site is wonderful! Informative from the intraday to the long term and everything inbetween. Plus, it's price is very reasonable." Jerome S. USA

"As a running reference, your site is fantastic. Yesterday's and today's daily commentary was so informative. Great work!" Joe O. Canada

"Hi Dan , you reassured what I believe. The news is tailored to confim the move and most of the time on hindsight. You are indeed the guru and you earn my respect. " O.P. USA

"Hi Dan , your wave counts have amazingly been right on and I have become your fan on the Dow and Nasdaq predictions." Jim B. USA

"Dan, I found your info on the stock markets very helpful. Just wish I had found your site a couple of years earlier!! All the best to you." Joe R. USA

"Dan: Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I have subscribed to many newsletters, you are the best. Continued success." Sal C. UK.

"Your website/analysis is excellent. Love it. Thanks!!!" Tom P. USA

Dan, you have been hitting them on the mark A+ , keep it up. working great" Ed C. USA

"Just a note to say thank you for a great daily service." Jeff L. USA

"I found your 2010 pivot calendar to be incredibly accurate. You showed a top on 1/17, SPY topped on 1/19. You showed a bottom on 2/3, wave 1 bottomed on 2/5." Jean H. USA

Dan "YOUR THE MAN, good work this is one sweet ride... " Eric C. USA

"thanks for your great site and your great work" Mike D. USA

"Hi Dan, You're doing a wonderful job! When I signed up for your service I was floored to see your long term calls for the USD to actually bottom and then go up! Week by week I have seen all your calls play out." Joe D. USA

"Hi Dan: I am slightly amazed at the markets you cover, but folks like you find ways to get 26 hours into a 24 hour day, a secret "wave form" you should share with the rest of us." Jeff R. USA

"Great website I really enjoy it." David S. USA

"Hi Dan, I just wanted let you know how valuable your service is and how appreciative we are to have your market forcasts." Mike C. USA

"Just wanted to compliment you once again on your analysis. You take a lot of the stress and worry out of investing for me which is a huge relief. I can now sleep at night. Great job! " Norman S. USA

Hi Dan "Quick update...made the $100,000, then bought HGD again... Sold it around 10.00 ... Made approx. $50,000 Bought HGD again about 9.50 and now I wait for it to go up to around 11.00 and I will sell it and buy HGU and wait for it to move. Thanks again..." Eric Canada

"Hi Dan, I have made some nice advances in my account following your lead, I really appreciate that. It takes a lot of confidence to call the market when it's unsettled, but the breakouts are where the $$ seem to reside. Thanks." Ron S. USA

"Can I just say what a pleasure it is to access your site on a daily basis and resolve the "which way is it going today" dilemma!! I value your chart skill and have learnt a lot in the past year or so - please keep up the excellent work." RO UK.

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